Every business has hidden costs. Whether you have one apprentice or many teams, hidden costs include staff turnover, commercial or operational ‘mistakes’, wrong deliveries, missed customer communication and slow performance by frustrated or confused staff.

Think about how much time you actually spend developing staff DSD certification in California, and people as opposed to conducting the business. Short term thinking ignores the long-term value of staff. The result can be that the whole company operation becomes urgent, pressured, and stressed because the boss wants product out the door or the report on time.

Every person, regardless of their position within the organisation, needs to feel valued. This is not just nice, shallow ‘feel good’ talk. Recently an employer was fined $10,000 for dismissing an employee because he made an enquiry with WorkCover. Not only did the Dsd certification lvn, Company owner fire the employee, but in doing so verbally abused the man in front of other staff. The magistrate described the business owner as equivalent to Montgomery Burns of the cartoon show the Simpsons, stating he had shown no respect for his employee, acting like a ‘relic of the 19th century’.