For each of us, perfume is personalized and magic. One same perfume may smell different from person to person. Because the real fragrance of perfume works both our body temperature    Make your perfume sentosa,   with oil. Therefore, everyone should have his or her unique fragrance!

Why a woman should have her right perfume?

The charming scent of a kind of perfume has a great influence on a woman. When the scent is spreading, you feel different about your body – more lighter, slimmer, or sexy. So every woman should take good advantage of perfume to make yourself more attractive. What’s more, today not all perfume stand for luxury. It is more likely to be a personality you express to the public. Perfume can make your life colourful and keep you in a good mood.

How to pick out your right perfume?

Choosing perfume is not like buying a sock which you can not try it on. Only using our vision and sense of hearing is not enough, you have to try the perfume to make sure whether it fits in with your personality and style. Also we can choose the perfume basing on different seasons, occasions, and of course your mood.

Learn how to choose your perfume, you first need to have an understanding of what kind of customs you belong to. There are 3 kinds, according to 3 different ways people use to choose perfume, that is vision, sense of hearing and sense of smell to know and experience perfume. Most women through perfume ads are impressive on one kind of perfume. They use vision to creat a perfume image. While some women depend on their sense of hearing, ” I have heard this kind of perfume…” They use what they heard to express their feelings about the product. The rest are special, they use their emotions – hobbies and loved fragrance to choose their favorite perfume. It’s more personalized for themselves. How can you choose your right perfume just smelling it? By asking yourself, such as what kind of flower do you like? what is your favorite colour? what fragrance do you like?

Eight tips on buying perfume

1. Your nose is sensitive in the morning when it does not smell something particularly. You can tell from different fragrances better.

2. Dressed your favorite or formal clothes. In this way can the perfume sales girl recommend you the best matched perfume according to your image and temperament.