APRIL 19, 1975 was a banner day throughout the entire existence of India’s space program. It was on this day that the Indian Satellite Aryabhatta was effectively propelled into the space. This precious stone formed, 26 confronted, blue and violet space create weighing 360kg, was shot into a close to roundabout circle at a tendency of 510 to the uv radiometer equator, from a Soviet cosmodrome close to Moscow. Structured and created by Indian Scientists and Engineers at its Space Research Center, Bangalore, with 90% Indian made segments this first satellite is named after the fifth century Indian mathematician and stargazer Aryabhatta. Its point is to investigate the air of the space. Checked by the SHAR focus, Sriharikota, it transmits significant data which is gotten by three following stations – situated in Russia, France and India. (Shriharikotta)

At that point came Bhaskara, the subsequent Indian satellite. It was propelled on June 7, 1979, additionally from Russia. This 44-kg trial satellite, named Bhaskara – I after another antiquated Indian mathematician, is intended for earth perceptions. Conveying radiometers, infra red TV cameras, it transmit information about hydrology, ranger service, oceanography and meteorology. Again on November 20, 1981 bhaskara – II an improved form of Bhaskara – I was propelled. With two TV cameras and 3 recurrence microwave radiometer framework, it has a more extensive filtering range.

Yet, it is the Rohini Satellite (RSI) that was first propelled from India. It was placed into space by the indigenously made Satellite Launch Vehicle SLV-3 on July 18, 1980. this 4 – stage strong charge rocket was structured and created by the Indian researchers and designers of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Thiruvananthapuram. It additionally positioned another satellite of 38 kg – Rohini (RSDI) into space, with the basic goal of assessing the vertical execution for future projects. The starting was fruitful, yet the satellite’s orbital life finished unexpectedly in 9 days rather than 90days as arranged. Again another 41.5kg. Rohini – 2 (RSD 2) was placed into Low – Earth – Orbit on April 17, 1983, with the assistance of 23 meter SLV – 3 gauging 17 tons, additionally worked by Vikram Sarabhai Space Center. The effective propelling of RSD 2 finished the arranged improvement of its SLV – 3 arrangement and set up for Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicles (ASLV’S), equipped for heaving into space, satellites gauging 150kg and PSLV’S fit for setting satellites in geo-simultaneous circle.

The Indian Space Application Center (ISAC) Ahmedabad, built up a 657.5kg 3 pivot, balanced out geo-station-ary satellite called APPLE. This was propelled on June 19, 1981, from Kourou’s in French Guyana, by the European Space Agency’s Arian rocket, subsequently showing again that India can achieve extraordinary innovative accomplishments and logical wonders. APPLE was India’s initial 3-pivot balanced out geo-fixed correspondence satellite and India is the fifth country to get the differentiation of growing such a satellite. USA, USSR, France and Canada alone had this qualification before. Despite the fact that the following stations at Sriharikota, Ahmedabad, Fuji and Kourou, began accepting data about the height, temperature, and so on., it is on 27th June, 8 days after its remove that the Indian researchers could effectively finish all the moves to put the APPLE on its arranged course. Tense minutes finished and India won the adulation.