The number one thing to keep in mind vape juice throughout these first few weeks is that you have spent the past forty days retraining your mind and body – there is no need to go back to where you came from! You have a fresh start! You’ve probably noticed that as your body has detoxed, your cravings have gone way down – you will begin to feel so refreshed just from eating whole, organic foods in the following weeks ahead. The best way to break an extended fast is to start off with fresh, organic, raw fruits & veggies.

I make a fruit salad that both Jenna and I absolutely love (recipe below). So, on the first day, I made a big batch and put it in an ultra vac to keep for the week. We add a little chopped almond or walnut and sprinkle on some organic granola and we have used it for breakfast and snacks throughout the week. For veggies, we bought all kinds of raw veggies: lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, & carrots and have had this as a small salad for lunch. The sky is the limit – any type of vegetable you like. At dinnertime, we have some frozen organic veggies that we cook in our waterless cookware. For snacks, we have the fruit salad above or 1 slice of whole wheat organic bread with 1 TBSP all natural peanut butter w/ organic wildflower honey – so yummy (I’ve been eating this before we go work out and it’s just what I need for a boost of energy to get me through it!).